Feast of Fear: Tormented Souls Series Book 3
Feast of Fear: Tormented Souls Series Book 3
Feast of Fear: Tormented Souls Series Book 3
Feast of Fear: Tormented Souls Series Book 3
Feast of Fear: Tormented Souls Series Book 3
Feast of Fear: Tormented Souls Series Book 3

Feast of Fear: Tormented Souls Series Book 3

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Evil prepares to feast. And Dan Tate is the main course…

Dan Tate has finally recovered from his recent ordeal. His work repairing the local schoolhouse has become a kind of therapy, and his anger and guilt have started to melt away. He has even forged a new relationship—a friendship that could grow into something more…

But when he encounters the corrupt medium, Janet Ladd, he realizes he has made a deadly enemy. Dan’s efforts to help the spirits of Coffin Cemetery find peace have interfered with Janet’s ambitions for wealth and power. And she has released a voracious wraith that hungers to feed on the meddling humans in her way.

Working with kindly spirits, Dan puts his paranormal abilities to the ultimate test. Delving into the murderous ghost’s past, he must uncover a way to banish this supernatural killer for good.

Because if he fails, this unforgiving specter will devour his soul…

PUBLICATION DATE December 29, 2019


Chapter 26: Changing the Guard

Attorney Melvin D. Cooper, deceased, and his fountain pen were buried close to the Cunningham house. Janet and Eliza stood a short distance from Mary Kines’ home, and they looked upon it with disgust.

“She’s buried salt lines.” Eliza’s repetition of Janet’s observation from a few minutes before caused her to frown at the dead woman.

“Yes, that’s what she did. I had Melvin try to get in earlier.” Janet peered at the house. “I need you to find out where the lines are exactly. Once you do that, I can cross over the line and find a place to bury your object.”

“I don’t like salt.”

“You know, I kind of figured that out.” Janet shook her head in disgust. “What ghost likes salt, Eliza? Is there one I haven’t heard of yet? Maybe someone who isn’t affected by the salt?”

“I don’t like your tone.”

Janet rolled her eyes. “I don’t care. Go and find out where the damned line is so I can put you inside of it. Once you’re in, you can kill Mary and cook her up any way you like. All right?”

Eliza glared at her. “One day, I may decide it’s time to cook you up.”

“Shut it and do your damned job.”

Eliza’s responding snarl was one of pure hatred, but she walked toward the house.

Janet watched the dead woman go. I’m going to have to be careful with how much I push her. She will kill me. Or try to.

The dead woman managed to walk several feet up the walkway and then stopped as though she had slammed into a wall. Janet repressed a snicker and watched as Eliza groped her way around the front of the yard like an angry mime. The dead woman walked along the side of the house and turned left, then Janet lost sight of her.

She showed up on the other side of the house a minute later before she started back toward Janet.

“About eight feet out from the sides of the house, and it goes all the way around the building.” Eliza’s expression was one of begrudging respect. “You said this woman, Mary, she is in her eighties?”

Janet nodded.

“Impressive. She doesn’t want my company.” Eliza’s face broke into a smirk. “I cannot wait to introduce myself.”

“I’ll get you settled in soon.” Janet glanced at the house. “I want to be sure I can get in and not be seen. The last thing I want is for her to figure out what’s going on.”

Eliza looked at Mary Kines’ home and nodded her agreement. “I suspect this woman is far smarter than you have given her credit for.”


Eliza sneered, the scar twisting wildly on her face. “I know you heard me. You sent someone in first to try and scare her out. Or at least get her to sell cheaply. That, I’m positive, was you. You’re a cheapskate, Janet. It cost you a ghost, and it’s made trouble here for us. Now you have to bring me in, and I know Beverly wasn’t pleased about that, was she?”

Janet glared at the dead woman.

“No. She wasn’t. I can tell by your expression.” Eliza smiled.

Janet glared at her. “Figure out whatever you want from how I’m looking at you. I really don’t care. What you need to do, and what you’re going to do, is wait for me to tell you when you’re allowed to go after Mary Kines.”

“That’s not what is going to happen here, Janet.” Eliza’s voice was cold.

“It is exactly what’s going to happen, because,” Janet lied, “that is what Beverly and her silent partner want. I don’t, but they do. It’s pretty obvious that you’re not afraid of me. Fine. Whatever. We both know, though, that Beverly can ruin your day. And even though I haven’t met this silent partner, we both know that she can do far more than ruin your day and mine.”

Eliza’s scarred face showed a hint of fear and there was a tremor in her voice when she spoke again. “When will you tell me?”

“I have another issue to deal with. As soon as that’s settled, I’ll send someone with a message.”

“One day, Janet, I’d like to see you flayed and spread out like a luncheon buffet.”

Janet swallowed her response as the dead woman vanished from sight.

If I didn’t need her, I’d destroy this damned pin. Either that or drop it down a damned well.

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