Witching Hour
Witching Hour
Witching Hour

Witching Hour

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The Witching Hour is upon us...

Kyle Ashfeld has escaped to his hometown of Kent, Connecticut, in search for peace. He is battling his demons, fighting memories of his family’s tragedy, and drowning in nightmares of flames and destruction. His only sanctuary is the library where he works.

But that sanctuary is quickly tainted when Connor Fegan appears and warns of the prophecy of the witching hour. Every century, on the second Friday of September, six demons escape hell and set in motion a cataclysmic sequence of events that lead to disasters on a global scale. And only one man can stop them. For Kyle, these are all the fantasies of a madman, but when one horrifying event after the other takes place around him, he quickly realizes that there may be some truth to Fegan’s words after all.

Joined by long-time fan, Aley Davis, Kyle is thrown into the midst of his worst nightmares, fighting for his life against a demon determined to stop the only hurdle in its path of destruction. Whether he believes in the prophecy or not, the witching hour is upon him, and there will be no escape from the horrors of hell.

157 pages

Chapter 1

The world was on fire.

Kyle Ashfeld watched it all from the top of a small cliff. He could feel the heat pushing against him, a heavy presence that seemed to take on a life of its own as it begged to be acknowledged.

As if the flames licking at the skies in front of him weren't proof enough of the fire's majestic being. Tendrils of black smoke wound their way around Kyle's legs and arms, the thick scent of ash finding its way into his nostrils, burning his sinuses and making his eyes water.

Beside his feet, he could see small blades of grass with minute flames protruding from them, as if he were standing on top of a birthday cake surrounded by millions of candles.

The trees behind him cackled. Their branches broke and fell into heaps, sparks of fire bursting out around them like little fireflies in the wind. Kyle stood completely still. His feet were planted firmly in place, staring out into the world ablaze before him.

From afar, he looked as if he were waiting for the flames to catch up with him, to find their way to the cuff of his pants and begin their singeing ascent to the rest of his body. His hair ruffled in the wind, a strong breeze whisking around him and adding fuel to the surrounding fire.

The wind picked up, pushing Kyle dangerously to the end of the cliff, and before he knew it, he was stepping off.

The wind carried him down, slowly, rushing in winding circles around him as he descended the distance from his perch to the blazing flames below.

His feet settled on asphalt; the remaining skeleton of a street that once wound through a concrete jungle of high rises.

The buildings around him were alight in a bright mix of red and orange, flames reaching out through broken windows and doors as if waving to passersby, cheering and laughing, singing a song of engulfing fire and smoke.

And in the midst of it all, Kyle shivered.

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