Sara Clancy

Growing up in the endless summer of Australia, Sara Clancy was always fascinated with the macabre. It gave her an opportunity to satisfy her cravings for all things spooky and strange, and indulge in a world of mystery.

Currently living near a beach she never visits, she enjoys writing horror, spending most of her pay checks on books, and devotes a great deal of time and energy to fictional characters. She also enjoys talking through movies, but understands that’s a private indulgence.

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Terror in the Shadows (Scare Street Short Stories Book 5)

Length: 187 pages

A young man’s attempts at breaking parole end in a night of horror. A child realizes that his Christmas gift might be a lot more sinister than he originally thought. An editor unveils his client’s sinister plan to cleanse the world of all evil. And a woman’s walk home is accompanied by a strange presence that promises a gruesome end.

Scare Street’s roster of authors Ron Ripley, David Longhorn, Sara Clancy and A. I. Nasser come together once again to bring you some of the most horrifying short stories in a single collection. They’re here to tell tales of the terrible and the macabre, in a book so unsettling, it will bring chills to your very core.

So head over to your reading chair, make yourself comfortable, and dive right in. We promise that sleep will be the last thing on your mind.

Just make sure you keep the lights on.

The dark can be a terrible, terrible place…


Pound of Flesh (Wrath and Vengeance Series Book 1)

Length: 150 pages

Terror feeds them. Rage drives them. Only fury lasts forever…

A ghost town, isolated from civilization by miles of scorching desert, has become a killing ground. Blood taints the sand and the stench of rot hovers on the humid air.

It’s a small patch of hell that Aleksandr Sokolovsky was born into. The son of the world’s most prolific serial killers, he yearns for a freedom he’ll never have. He comforts himself with the knowledge that death eventually comes for everyone. But he had never considered the Furies.

Summoned by years of pain and rage, the three demonic sisters have descended upon the ghost town. The creatures of Greek legend are real. Consumed by their desire for blood and vengeance, they rain down a reckoning. They delight in ripping their victims’ minds and bodies to shreds before offering a merciful death.

For most of his life, Aleksandr has been ready to die. But he’ll fight to his last breath to spare his younger brother and sister the same fate. Unable to battle the hellish creatures alone, Aleksandr is forced into an uneasy truce with Evelyn Figueroa, the woman his parents chose to be his first female victim.

Together they face an ancient rage that can’t be reasoned with or destroyed. Burning with an inferno of hatred, the Furies won’t stop until they’ve collected their debt in full.

A pound of flesh for every sin.


Devil’s Playground (Wrath and Vengeance Series Book 2)

Length: 150 pages

In this playground, only the fortunate are granted a quick death…

Two years have passed since Aleksandr Sokolovsky’s narrow escape from the horrors of his former home. Hiding in Las Vegas with his two younger siblings, he’s been able to avoid the monsters hunting them and live a resemblance of an ordinary life.

But it doesn’t take long for Aleksandr’s dark past to catch up to him, and he quickly learns that wrath is never truly satisfied. The Furies have tracked them down, and they’re hungrier than ever before. As if that weren’t enough, he also has to outrun his psychopathic siblings who blame him for their parents’ deaths.

Desperate for help, Aleksandr contacts the one person he knows who can help, Evelyn Figueroa. Attempting to live her life while being harassed by reporters and the FBI, Evelyn is ready for a fight. The two must work together to overcome the evil determined to end the Sokolovsky bloodline forever.

But Evelyn could never have anticipated the terror of the Furies, or the viciousness of Aleksandr’s murderous siblings. With every repressed fear brought up to the surface, she soon realizes that even she can’t escape the insatiable wrath of these monsters.

Death lurks around every corner, and Aleksandr and Evelyn must decide how much they are willing to sacrifice to survive, before it’s too late…


Scorched Earth (Wrath and Vengeance Series Book 3)

Length: 150 pages

The Furies are back. But the rules have changed…

Four years have passed since Evelyn Figueroa and Aleksandr Sokolovsky were able to achieve the impossible and escape the clutches of the Furies. Physically and emotionally scarred, the duo has been able to enjoy a peaceful reprieve from the deadly monsters that tormented them.

But the Furies have returned, and they’ve changed the rules of the game. Not only are Evelyn and Aleksandr fighting for their own lives, but even their loved ones are being hunted. Determined to secure their freedom, they come up with a dangerous plan – find whoever started the curse and end it by any means necessary.

Their plight takes them from the blood-stained sands of their ghost town, into a desolate island off the coast of Australia. But no matter what they do, the Furies are close behind, toying with them, playing with their emotions, and feeding off their fear. Aleksandr and Evelyn realize that even their resolve won’t be enough to fight back the monsters that will stop at nothing to kill them.

Death is closing in. And no one is safe.


Nesting (Demonic Games Series Book 1)

Length: 170 pages

An unspeakable horror nesting within castle walls…

After years of being away, Mihail Vaduva has long forgotten about his grandmother and his ancestral home. That is, until he comes across an exciting opportunity to reconnect with his family’s history. Enticed by his newfound escape from boarding school, Mihail decides to spend his last year of high school in Castle Vaduva. But he never could have expected the horror hidden within the ancient walls.

When Mihail roams the maze-like hallways, he quickly realizes that the castle is not the peaceful respite he thought it was. Instead, he finds himself herded by unseen forces and pushed into hidden rooms, full of long forgotten secrets. But secrets aren’t the only inhabitants in the archaic structure … there are ghosts. Ones that don’t rest and certainly don’t forgive.

Dragged deeper into the twisted madness of Castle Vaduva, Mihail desperately races to find a way to appease the dead. His search leads him to Abe Claymont, a powerful medium who Mihail hopes can bring peace to the restless spirits.

But the evil that lives in the castle yearns for neither peace nor forgiveness. It hungers to add new souls to its collection of the damned. With its sights set on Mihail and Abe, together they discover an evil that’s darker than anything they’ve ever imagined…


Buried (Demonic Games Series Book 2)

Length: 170 pages

For generations, the truth has been left to fester while evil flourished within Castle Vaduva’s blood-stained stones. But nothing stays hidden forever…

Mihail Vaduva didn’t know that returning to his ancestral home would throw him into a battleground between the living and the dead. His only defense against the madness was his friend and medium, Abe Claymont. Together they bought themselves a few months of peace. And yet, the combined rage of hundreds of lost souls cannot be contained for long.

Racing against an unknown clock, Abe and Mihail search for a way to appease the spirits. But salvation won’t come easy. Lost souls invade Mihail’s dreams, stalk him from the walls, and lure him into dungeons. Every attempt Mihail makes to protect himself dredges up past demons.

Drawn deeper into the twisted web of revenge and murder, Mihail is confronted with unstoppable evils. Demonic forces are staking their claim. Murderous secrets are clawing their way out of graves. Vengeful spirits are following him beyond the castle walls. It’s only a matter of time before decades of horror are unleashed onto the unprepared world.

There’s only one way to stop the looming apocalypse. A tribute of blood and sanity. But the price may be too high for Mihail to bear…


Captive (Demonic Games Series Book 3)

Length: 170 pages

When demons rise, the captives of Castle Vaduva will fall amongst the rubble…

For months, Mihail Vaduva has been battling the ghosts of his ancestral home to uncover the truth behind his family history. Every answer he’s encountered has left him reeling with deep wounds on his soul. But that pain has propelled him forward and he’s determined to know the truth, even if it destroys him.

With the help of Abe, Mihail peels back the layers of mystery and madness surrounding these sinister secrets. Each discovery makes him question his identity, his family, and everything he’s ever known. When he uncovers the final piece of the puzzle, Mihail’s life will never be the same.

As the war between his grandmother and the demonic forces rages on, Mihail finds himself trapped on the battlefield as his life rips apart at the seams. He’s about to discover that there are things worse than death. As darkness closes in, he must make one last desperate attempt for freedom, or remain a captive of Castle Vaduva…forever.


Black Eyed Children (Black Eyed Children Series Book 1)

Length: 169 pages

With three knocks, Ruby is cast into a living hell…

It had seemed like the perfect job. For months, she could stay in a cabin in the middle of the Yukon wilderness with only a pack of sledge dogs to care for. But from the moment she arrives in the isolated dog yard, something is terribly wrong. She can feel it watching her from the woods. She can hear them whispering to her in the silence. But she is sure it is just a trick of her mind.

Until the night they arrive.

Three children appear on her doorstep in the middle of the night; each one with pitch black eyes. They plead with her to let them inside, but her rejection draws her into a war of wills against the demonic forces. Isolated in a terrain she doesn’t understand, and trapped by an oncoming blizzard, Ruby will have to decide how far she’s willing to go to survive.

She’ll soon learn that it’s hard to keep the devil out when you’ve already opened the door.


Devil’s Rise (Black Eyed Children Series Book 2)

Length: 141 pages

She thought she had escaped. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

Months have passed since Ruby managed to flee from the demonic children that hunted her in the Yukon wilderness. Still, she can’t shake the memory of their obsidian eyes and the crippling fear that they aren’t really dead. With distance, time, and her new job at a ski resort, she hopes to bury the past and move on. Her days are simple. She works the gondola to send visitors up the ragged mountainside to the restaurant at the summit, and never stays out past dusk.

Then a group of skiers mysteriously disappear, and Ruby is forced to break her own rules. Along with her coworker, Tristan, she must wait for the rescue crew. As night descends, stranded on the top of the mountain, a living mist rises, and her greatest fear comes true. Exhaustion, terror, and madness take their toll, and Ruby and Tristan are forced to rely on each other, or perish. But trust may prove to be just as deadly as what is lurking beyond the door.

Because the children have survived. And they really want to come in.


The Third Knock (Black Eyed Children Series Book 3)

Length: 169 pages

Ruby is on the run, but the black eyed children haven’t forgotten her…

Ruby is on the run, but the black eyed children haven’t forgotten her…

Battered and wheelchair bound, Ruby has now found refuge in a dingy apartment building. Her brain is wracked by nightmares and an all-consuming sense of paranoia. The days are marked by a simple routine of eating, taking pain medication, finishing rudimentary tasks at her day job, and most importantly, to not let them in.

Yet the demonic children with their pool-black eyes have not forgotten her. They are determined to break down every ounce of sanity until nothing remains. The evil children want Ruby. And they won’t rest until they finally possess her.

Thunderous storms beat relentlessly against the building’s windows, and a newly gruesome monster suddenly appears. Its wide, grinning teeth and bloody smile haunt Ruby’s every waking hour … or is this new abomination a figment of her increasingly fragile imagination?

With their eerily child-like voices calling out to her, and the grisly creature playing mind-games, Ruby must find a way to banish these horrific fiends once and for all. At her wits end, and physically broken, she will have to keep the children out of her house, and out of her head.
But they are terribly relentless. And all they really want is to come in…


Midnight Screams (Banshee Series Book 1)

Length: 154 pages

When Benton dreams, people die…

Every time Benton sleeps, he becomes a trapped passenger within a murderer’s skin; able to hear, see, and feel every part of their kill. When he wakes up, he knows it’s only a matter of time before his dreams become reality. No matter how hard he tries to stop the murders, it always ends the same way – with death.

After ten years of constantly relocating, his parents have decided to settle in Fort Wayward. A quiet Albertan town where Benton could focus on graduating high school and living an idyllic teenage life. That is, until he finds a dead body in his backyard.
Benton’s hopes for normalcy come crashing down as something new begins stalking his dreams. Something that’s not human. And, for the first time, he’s not the only one watching.

As his dreams and reality collide, Benton finds himself facing a monster beyond his understanding. In his fight for survival, Benton soon discovers why death follows him, why monsters draw close, and why he always wakes up screaming.


Whispering Graves (Banshee Series Book 2)

Length: 150 pages

A deadly whisper…

Reeling from the terrors at Fort Wayward, all Benton wants to do is enjoy some peace with his new companion, Nicole. But everything changes in one horrific night with a single, unworldly whisper.

A malicious force now prowls the town unlike anything Benton has ever encountered. It remains hidden in broad daylight. It moves without making a sound. It kills by simply whispering its victim’s name.

Benton’s world unravels once again. He discovers that not only can this monster hunt Benton in reality, but also in his dreams. Severed from his ability to see through the eyes of a killer, Benton is unable to discover who’s next to die. But there’s no doubt that the hunt is on.

The duo is determined to save the residents of Fort Wayward. But they struggle to find a way to stop the demon. Time is running out.

It won’t be long before the demon discovers Benton’s name. And whispers him straight to his grave.


Shattered Dreams (Banshee Series Book 3)

Length: 150 pages

Death is coming…

Benton has always dreamed through the eyes of killers. But recently, his dreams have changed into an unreadable pattern of shapes and screams. Death is coming, he can feel it in his bones, but he can’t tell who’s next in line.

In a desperate attempt to organize his thoughts, Benton travels to a sleep center in a neighboring town. It’s a short distance, only a few hours along a deserted highway, but there’s nothing easy about the journey. The lonesome road is plagued with mystery and murder. Lost souls linger along the highway…furious, violent, and relentless souls. They’re constantly searching for others to join them in death. Benton can see them. They can definitely see him.

Getting to the center is torturous but what he finds is worse than anything he could have ever imagined. A violent storm is brewing. Demonic forces ride the raging winds and become a swarm that seeks to destroy all life it encounters. Their eyes are set on Fort Wayward and if Benton can’t warn the unsuspecting town, the demons will claim every last soul.

The storm is coming. The spirits are rising. And death lingers on the highway of the lost…


Black Bayou

Length: 150 pages

Marigold La Roux had a perfectly average existence…until the night her parents tried to murder her.

Barely escaping with her life should have been the end of Marigold’s living nightmare. Unfortunately, it was just the beginning. Her entire world starts shattering. She moves to New Orleans to stay with her only living relative, her aunt Delilah. She believes the bustle of Bourbon Street will help her get a fresh start, but strange things start happening to Marigold at the La Roux estate. Ghostly voices whisper in her ear, sharp knives scrape against her door, and something in the darkness lashes out, leaving deep claw marks on her back.

Hoping to understand her torment, she starts delving into her family’s past and is shocked and appalled by what she discovers. She begins to understand why locals shudder at the mere mention of La Roux house. The attacks against her grow more vicious, ravaging not only her body, but also her mind.

Desperate to end her suffering, Marigold teams up with Louis, an occult enthusiast, who hopes his knowledge of the paranormal can help end her family curse once and for all. But, the dark forces of evil are relentless and their twisted hold runs deep in her blood. They will stop at nothing to get what they want: her life.


<!-—Haunted Waterways –>

Haunted Waterways (Dark Legacy Series Book 2)

Length: 143 pages

The La Roux ancestral home may be gone, but the horror it once sheltered is still alive.

Marigold is hunted, tormented by a demon that hungers for her to kill. She doesn’t know how much longer she can resist. In a desperate attempt to keep her sanity, Marigold flees to the rusted remains of a paddle steamer, deep in the heart of the Louisiana bayous. Here, the only people she encounters are long since dead. The ghosts that haunt the boat are possessive and territorial. They keep the demon from entering. But there are many lost souls that roam the backwaters. They are drawn to the boat, to the life on board. Marigold’s hiding place may soon become her grave.

Isolated and trapped, Marigold and Louis fight to resist the sinister forces mounting around them. But when night falls and the fog rolls in, the ghosts become hungry and restless. A sacrifice must be made. Her sanity or her life; they won’t allow her to keep both.


Demon’s Tide (Dark Legacy Series Book 3)

Length: 127 pages

If Marigold can’t save her own soul, she’ll be the first in a sea of victims.

Marigold La Roux finds herself trapped with the raging demon locked inside her own skin. As it hunts down the last shards of her soul, Marigold is flung from one twisted reality to the next. Lost in a maze of madness and memories, Marigold needs to reclaim her body before it’s too late.

While Ma is willing to sacrifice Marigold to save millions, Louis isn’t ready to give up just yet. Led by a ghost that’s keen on destruction, Louis travels to the notorious La Roux plantation, a place forever scared by the evil birthed within it. But not everyone is eager to bring the origins of the family curse to light. With Louis inside, sinister forces plot to never let him leave the plantation … in body or soul.

Past and present collide as Marigold and the demon battle for control. Old ghosts rise, ancient powers claw their way into the waking world, and forgotten horrors carve new paths of destruction. Hell is opening and it’s looking for a soul to take.


Horror Stories: A Short Story Collection (FREE)

Length: 103 pages

A young woman’s night-time escapade goes eerily wrong. A man is forced to relive the horrible accident that tore his family apart over and over again. An underground thrill through ancient catacombs proves disastrously horrific. A young boy is haunted by the scarecrow in the fields behind his home. And a woman is revisited by the ghost of a psychotic killer in the most dreadful of ways.

Scare Street brings you some of the best short horror stories by authors Ron Ripley, David Longhorn, Eric Whittle, Sara Clancy and A. I. Nasser, all in one book. Together, these stories promise more than just a shiver down the spine and a fear of the dark, but the soft caress of terror that comes with the unknown and the unexpected.

Join us through the pages of the best of what Scare Street has to offer, and be sure to bring a night light along with you. You definitely don’t want to be left alone in the dark!

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