David Longhorn (Supernatural Suspense)

David Longhorn Scare StreetDavid Longhorn was born in North East England long before the internet, but fortunately they had plenty of books in those days! He enjoyed reading all sorts of fact and fiction in childhood and also became a huge fan of old horror movies and the BBC’s Ghost Stories for Christmas on television, despite losing a lot of sleep as a result.

He went on to get a degree in English Studies, which somehow led him to a career in local government, which in turn took him into a recording studio where he provided voice-overs, read news, and did a lot of other audio stuff. It’s been that kind of life, really – a bit random but quite interesting.

All the while he was reading and writing supernatural fiction, influenced by both the classic tales of writers like Ambrose Bierce, M.R. James, and Edgar Allan Poe, but also by modern masters such as Stephen King. He hopes to write a lot more about the world of the dead and undead, assuming they let him…


Dark Waters (Mephisto Club Series Book 1)

Length: 160 pages

Evil lurks beneath Soray Island’s dark waters…

There’s no limit to Dan Fox’s love for collecting. From mysterious objects, to inexplicable stories, he’s constantly on the lookout for the next great mystery. He will stop at nothing to make a name for himself, even if it means tinkering with his own moral compass.

His hunger for the strange and unusual leads him to an enigmatic underground organization that manages to capture Dan into their web of intrigue. Attracted to The Mephisto Club’s sense of exclusivity and their frequent dabbling in the supernatural, he is convinced that they will help him find the way to fame and glory.

But nothing can prepare him for what he discovers when he researches the history of the Santisima Trinidad, and the horrific fate that befell it. Dan quickly learns that there’s more to the sunken ship than an urban legend. There’s a terrible evil, a dangerous creature that has been lurking under the sea’s surface.

Waiting. Watching. Listening.


Nightmare Abbey (Nightmare Series Book 1)

Length: 160 pages

An evil force pulses deep within Malpas Abbey, overflowing with maniacal glee…

Overlooking a dark hill, the gloomy Malpas Abbey has been avoided by locals for centuries. Its infamous history is marred with blood and terror. Only the foolish would dare enter such a place, where devilish hauntings have left a string of dead bodies in its wake.

Just as the building is about to be permanently closed, things take an unexpected turn. An American television crew shows up, hoping to investigate the source of the structure’s paranormal activity. Led by producer Matt McKay and paranormal expert Ted Gould, the hapless bunch enter the confines of the hellish residence only to discover that they are in way over their heads.

As the group tries to make sense of the strange occurrences, they soon realize that the cellar might be the key to unlocking the mystery. Inside lies a stone altar that emanates with the evil strength of the Devil himself, feeding upon the crew members’ worst nightmares.

With the ominous cloud hanging over them, they realize that there’s much more at stake than a disruption in filming. The only hope for survival rests on Ted, Matt and his crew’s ability to find their way out of the darkness, before the house devours them, capturing all the gory details on camera…

Nightmare Valley (Nightmare Series Book 2)

Length: 160 pages

Soulless eyes of children stare into yours, opening the gateway to hell…

Months have passed since the Malpas Massacre, and the media is in the midst of a feeding frenzy. Reporters and law enforcement are certain the murders can be traced to a cold-blooded serial killer. But those who have survived the carnage know the truth all too well. As the victims become suspects, they find themselves in a race against time to clear their names.

Meanwhile, the peaceful town of Machen is hiding secrets darker than the eerie forest surrounding it. Vulnerable and wide-eyed children roam, pleading for help. Yet, behind their innocent façade lies a resurrected evil with an insatiable thirst for blood.

Led by Doctor Zoffany and Ted Gould, the Ramola Foundation won’t let that happen. They’re certain that their extensive tests on Machen’s supernatural forces will lead them to much needed answers. At the heart of it all is Denny Purcell, who slowly discovers that her intuition is more powerful than she could have ever imagined.

As the night fills with predators, the mists of Machen lift to unveil hideous truths about its past. The whole town is on edge, and residents must face the violent souls that crave death and destruction.

The quiet town will quickly learn that some secrets are better left untold…


Nightmare Revelation (Nightmare Series Book 3)

Length: 150 pages

Deadly secrets lurk within the dark tunnels of the London Underground…

The nightmare of Machen continues to cast a deep shadow of gloom as dreadful stories of murder and mayhem make their way into London. But death comes knocking when a thick fog crawls through the night and shape-shifting killers scour the city. No one is safe, and the smell of fear lingers in the air.

Ted Gould and Doctor Zoffany of the Ramola Foundation are all too aware of the dangers, and their sights are set on the metropolis. With the help of former television presenter Denny Purcell, they slowly discover the ghastly dimension housing the powerful creatures.

New alliances are formed, and Denny’s natural talents are put to the test yet again. As the monsters leave a trail of horror in their wake, the thin veil keeping them at bay is quickly disappearing. With each discovery more horrific than the last, the Ramola Foundation has their hands full.

It won’t be long before the monsters conquer their world and transform it into a bloody version of their own.

One nightmare at a time.


Curse of Weyrmouth (Curse of Weyrmouth Series Book 1)

Length: 160 pages

A centuries old curse lusting for blood…

Weyrmouth, a small town in Southern England, is replete with quirky, well-meaning residents. Everyone is cheerful and friendly, but the quaint seashore province is not what it seems.

A deep and dark magic has captured the townsfolk of Weyrmouth in its clutches since the medieval times. Under stormy skies, a menacing cathedral looms over them, its history unknown … and everyone who has tried to disentangle its mysteries has come face to face with death.

In spite of this, Weyrmouth Museum is up and running, acting as the local repository of history and all things spooky. It finds a new employee in wayward American Erin Cale, who winds up in town looking for a job, in desperate need of a fresh start. But it doesn’t take long before Erin feels the pull of something deeply unsettling.

Apparitions of ghastly hooded children appear out of thin air, warning of impending doom. Unexplained deaths begin to occur with ever-mounting frequency. And yet, Erin can’t bring herself to leave.

Her curiosity gets the best of her as Erin begins to unravel the ancient and nefarious secret buried within the heart of the cathedral. She feels the undeniable pull of something tying her to the structure and its history, and is desperate to unlock the mystery.

All the while, the stones of the landmark cathedral seem to be breathing with a life of its own…


Blood of Angels (Curse of Weyrmouth Series Book 2)

Length: 160 pages

A legacy of blood taints the bright shores of Weyrmouth…

Erin Cale is settling comfortably into her new life at Weyrmouth, making friends and enjoying her work at the museum. Even though she’s still recovering from the battle at the mysterious tower, she manages to play the role of a happy, well-adjusted transplant.

But her cheery veneer disguises how close she’s come to discovering the horrors lurking beneath Weyrmouth’s surface. With help from her colleague, Erin is learning that the cathedral’s stones are far deadlier than she could have ever imagined.

Creeping along its edges are the shadows of ancient secrets threatening to tear the town apart. The cathedral’s grey asphalt yearns for fresh blood and innocent victims. Meanwhile, an underground cult is running loose, filled with zealots willing to do absolutely anything to please their enigmatic master.

Bloodlines and friendships are put on the line. Centuries old mysteries slowly resurface. And the lives of innocent souls are at stake. All proving that the truth is sometimes too deadly to bear…


Hellstorm (Curse of Weyrmouth Series Book 3)

Length: 160 pages

Ghastly children haunt the dark walls of Weyrmouth Cathedral in a final battle that threatens to open the floodgates of hell…

The residents of Weyrmouth are on edge, and bone-chilling fear has flooded the picturesque town. Mysterious deaths are on the rise, and local law enforcement is at a loss to explain the streams of blood pulsing through the streets.

Erin Cale and Louise Tarrant are sure that they are coming closer to unlocking the looming cathedral’s catacomb of secrets, but they are thwarted by Ithuriel’s many defenders — both mortal and mythical.

Meanwhile, the mournful and foreboding cries of the trapped children linger into the nighttime air, and Erin knows that they bear the key to ending the cathedral’s curse once and for all. But their inability to share their secrets has thrown a wrench into Erin’s plans to save the town.

As they strive to beat Ithuriel at his own devilish game, the gaping mouth of hell has opened, threatening to destroy everything they hold dear.


The Sign of Ouroboros (Ouroboros Series Book 1)

Length: 200 pages

Brad Steiger’s dreams are filled with snake worshippers, the end of the world and his daughter, Kelly…

Each night the nightmares are more intense as he searches London for Kelly, who’s missing. Neither her classmates nor her landlord has seen her in weeks. The sinister air of the dreams convinces Brad that Kelly is in danger and time is running out on her rescue!

Brad hires a private investigator that discovers Kelly is part of Ouroboros, a snake worshipping cult led by professor Jonathan Clay. When the investigator dies under suspicious circumstances, Brad turns to cult expert, Marcus Valentine, and Scotland Yard’s Declan Healy in his desperation. As the three men race against time chasing down clues, one thing is clear: the cult is preparing for a momentous event, shrouded in secrecy and the supernatural.

Marcus finds an ex-cult member who, under hypnosis, reveals Kelly is alive, but the cult is on the move. Everyone and everything in its path is in imminent danger. No matter how close the three men come to Ouroboros, Jonathan and his slippery shapeshifters elude them. An unexpected source helps Brad and Marcus find the cult, but it may be too little, too late. Now, Brad, Marcus and Jonathan are on a collision course with destiny that may signal the end of the world!


Fortress of Ghosts (Ouroboros Series Book 2)

Length: 146 pages

Brad Steiger continues his search for his daughter, Kelly, which leads him to Poland. The Ouroboros cult leader, Jonathan Clay, and Cleo the shape shifter, haven’t been deterred by their failed attempt at a new world order in England. Though their numbers have dwindled, the snake worshippers are still obsessed with taking over the world! Picking up new recruits along the way, they grow more powerful and more confident of their mission’s success.

With his companions, Marcus Valentine who is a cult expert, and Denny Pollard, an investigative journalist, Brad’s team is formidable. The trail ends at the castle of Mista Venja also known as the Fortress of Ghosts. The locals fear the castle and its dark secrets. Whispers of ghost soldiers and zombies keep them away. True or not, the team must get inside if they are to find Kelly and stop Jonathan and Cleo. The key to their world domination lies deep within the confines of the castle.

Brad’s mental connection with Kelly has brought them this far. As everyone descends on the fortress, ghost soldiers with deadly spectral bullets, and flesh eating zombies defend the fields leading to the castle. Once inside, the Insane One, a horrible mutation of human and snake, awaits the team and the battle for survival and world domination begins…


Day of the Serpent (Ouroboros Series Book 3)

Length: 190 pages

I am Ouroboros. See my beauty. Look deep into my eyes. Become one with me.

Tourists eagerly flock to the quaint bed and breakfasts lining the shores of Invercraig, Scotland, reveling in its natural splendor. Yet, unbeknownst to them, a monster quietly lurks in the darkened waters of nearby Loch Ness hunting mercilessly for its next prey, while an ancient cult works tirelessly to rip the world apart at the seams.

Meanwhile, as teams of brutish news reporters seek out the iconic Loch Ness monster, a ghostly pair of serpentine eyes begins to mysteriously appear, controlling everyone’s thoughts and dreams.

With cult expert Marcus Valentine incapacitated, Brad Steiger continues the relentless journey to free his daughter from the clutches of the nefarious cult, to which she has long served as a vital key. But Brad’s connection to his daughter has become more faint and distant, and the murderous Clay and Cleo remain hell-bent on their quest for world domination.

As the mists over Loch Ness thicken and the beginning of the end nears, no one can withstand the pull of the Great Old One, summoning the weak to come closer … and closer …

And become one with the Ouroboros.


Dark Isle (Dark Isle Series Book 1)

Length: 161 pages

Mark Stine is an American academic enjoying his year as a visiting professor at Cambridge University. But when he starts researching the long-dead English writer, Monty Summerskill, he quickly discovers that truth is stranger than fiction. Turns out Summerskill’s ghost stories were based on horrifying reality. One that caused the author’s shocking death.

Mark’s journey takes him to dark places, where he finds himself haunted by a ghost from his troubled childhood. But that’s nothing compared to the terrors that await as he heads towards the Dark Isle, where the solution to an ancient mystery lies.

Something far more terrifying than any ghost is on his trail. Awakened after decades of hibernation, it is deadly, unstoppable and hungry.

Hungry for blood.


White Tower (Dark Isle Series Book 2)

Length: 152 pages

Professor Mark Stine can’t believe his working vacation on the island resort of Skara Farne is turning into the nightmare from Hades! First, he’s cursed – dogged by the sinister ghost of a medieval monk, Abbot Thomas Beauclerc. Then, when he tries to leave the island, he’s involved in a bizarre car crash. Now, through an Ouija board, he gets a message that’s loud and clear: Do Not Leave! With the help of his new friends, Mark is determined to break the curse and get back to the States, while staying out of the clutches of Abbot Thomas and his heinous henchman, the Follower!

When the body of a retired teacher is found in a sand grave on the beach, that is only the first of a strange string of deaths. Islanders and tourists are scared. Ghosts of Vikings and monks have been seen all over the island and Mark is fighting a losing battle against the Abbot who’s determined to possess Mark’s body.

As the bodies pile up, the Follower, a shifting shadow who does the Abbot’s killing becomes more active and no one is safe. With no choice but to stay and fight, Mark faces the grim unreality of the ghost realm only to learn that his death was planned centuries ago. Unless he can solve the mystery of the white tower, it’s only a matter of time before Mark joins the ghosts of Skara Farne!


Red Chapel (Dark Isle Series Book 3)

Length: 144 pages

Professor Mark Stine has been running for his life ever since he arrived in England.

On the island of Skara Farne, the venomous ghost of Abbot Thomas Beauclerc is back and out for blood. Though Mark has moved to Cambridge, the nightmares have returned and his girlfriend, Sue, is concerned. Mark knows the war isn’t over; it’s just beginning!

Both officers, Jo Garland and Masson have their hands full with a slew of deadly assaults happening in the city. Each victim is missing a vital organ – eyes from one, kidney from another and the gruesome list goes on. Witnesses report seeing a grotesque monster who appears and disappears like mist. Jo wonders if the monster, now dubbed the Mutilator, is really the Follower – a formless, invisible member of the Abbot’s unholy killing machine!

All Hallows’ Eve approaches and the bodies keep adding up. Mark, Sue, Jo and Masson race against time to stop the Abbot and his grisly henchmen. Mark soon learns he’s only one part of the Abbot’s plan. This time, the evil is more insidious and the Abbot is more aggressive. When Mark discovers what the last grisly piece of the puzzle is, he goes after the Abbot with a vengeance, never realizing that in destroying the Abbot, he could destroy himself.


Horror Stories: A Short Story Collection (FREE)

Length: 103 pages

A young woman’s night-time escapade goes eerily wrong. A man is forced to relive the horrible accident that tore his family apart over and over again. An underground thrill through ancient catacombs proves disastrously horrific. A young boy is haunted by the scarecrow in the fields behind his home. And a woman is revisited by the ghost of a psychotic killer in the most dreadful of ways.

Scare Street brings you some of the best short horror stories by authors Ron Ripley, David Longhorn, Eric Whittle, Sara Clancy and A. I. Nasser, all in one book. Together, these stories promise more than just a shiver down the spine and a fear of the dark, but the soft caress of terror that comes with the unknown and the unexpected.

Join us through the pages of the best of what Scare Street has to offer, and be sure to bring a night light along with you. You definitely don’t want to be left alone in the dark!

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Sentinels (Sentinel Series Book 1)

Length: 148 pages

A crown. A church. A ship buried underwater for centuries. And the power that awaits…

England in 1940 is marked by blackouts, air raids and the threat of enemy bombs. Yet, in pastoral Duncaster, against the backdrop of awe-inspiring cliffs and a roiling sea, reporter Rachel Rubin fights an adversary more deadly than the Germans: a foe that only she can see, it seems.

According to legend, King Redwald’s treasure is in Duncaster and is protected by a foul curse. Believing in old folk tales is utter nonsense to the true blue American Rachel … until she starts having disturbing dreams and seeing ghosts!

As the danger escalates, more chilling events occur. Rachel races against time to discover the truth. She doesn’t know who to trust, but one thing is certain– the bodies are piling up and Doomsday looms on Duncaster’s watery horizon!

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The Haunter (Sentinel Series Book 2)

Length: 160 pages

Rachel Rubin, an American reporter, is only interested in writing about the war, but England in 1945 is swarming with ghosts who need her help. She is the only person who can help them come to terms with their deaths and finally move on. After Rachel’s husband, Tony, inherits a manor near the Scottish Border, they decide to travel there for a vacation away from all those ghosts. But not before they attend a secret séance led by an infamous medium, Madam Castanos, with their friends, Charlotte and Bill. The medium quickly realizes Rachel is not only a reporter, but that she also possesses special abilities.

When they reach the manor, two gruesome events mark their arrival – a death and a disappearance. Unbeknownst to them, Madam Castanos is hot on their heels with warnings that shake even the fearless medium herself! Rachel soon learns of the Beaumont Curse – a legend filled with incredulity. However, after Charlotte is attacked by an evil rotten thing, Rachel is sure the legend is more fact than fable!

With the curse hanging over their heads, Rachel and Tony race against time to stop the death and destruction surrounding Furniss Manor. Secrets and betrayal shroud their efforts and expose a malevolent demon more deadly than any of them can imagine. When Rachel discovers the demon’s power is fueled by death, she wonders if the coming battle will signal the end of her short, young life …


The Smog (Sentinel Series Book 3)

Length: 166 pages

On the eve of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1952, the future is bright with promise for England and American reporter, Rachel Beaumont. Life couldn’t be sweeter; her book is a smash hit, her husband has settled into his job at the ministry and their young daughter, Emily, is growing like the proverbial weed. But when Emily has a nightmare about the “Raggedy Men”, Rachel knows – without a doubt – the Sentinels are back. Her days as a seer are far from over. More ghosts than ever need her assistance to cross over.

Ghost sightings are popping up all over London. Police officer Jack Warner’s patrol is riddled with nightly visits of Jack the Ripper and his victims re-enacting their macabre dance of death over and over again before disappearing as quickly as they appear. Deadly smog is claiming more lives than anyone can imagine. Churchill wants the Witchcraft Act abolished but little does he know that England is on a collision course with the ghost world and the smog deaths are just the beginning. It isn’t until Rachel meets famed radio celebrity and host of The Ghost Mans series that everything starts to make sense and she figures out the true danger lies within her own family.

Rachel is no stranger to murder, mayhem and monsters, but this time, the stakes are too high and the losses are too deep. They seem to be adding up like casualties during the war. Rachel soon realizes she has much more to lose than her own life!