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David Longhorn (Supernatural Suspense & Sci-Fi Horror)

David Longhorn was born in North East England long before the internet, but fortunately they had plenty of books in those days! He enjoyed reading all sorts of fact and fiction in childhood and also became a huge fan of old horror movies and the BBC’s Ghost Stories for Christmas on television, despite losing a lot of sleep as a result.

He went on to get a degree in English Studies, which somehow led him to a career in local government, which in turn took him into a recording studio where he provided voice-overs, read news, and did a lot of other audio stuff. It’s been that kind of life, really – a bit random but quite interesting.

All the while he was reading and writing supernatural fiction, influenced by both the classic tales of writers like Ambrose Bierce, M.R. James, and Edgar Allan Poe, but also by modern masters such as Stephen King. He hopes to write a lot more about the world of the dead and undead, assuming they let him…

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Mephisto Club Series

Dark Waters
Book 1

Spider Maze
Book 2

​Ghost Machine
Book 3

Nightmare Series

Nightmare Series Box Set
Books 1 - 3

Nightmare Abbey
Book 1

Nightmare Valley
Book 2

Nightmare Revelation
Book 3

Nightmare Resurrection
Book 4

Nightmare Spawn
Book 5

Nightmare ​Rising
Book 6

Curse of Weyrmouth Series

Curse of Weyrmouth
Book 1

Blood of Angels
Book 2

Book 3

Ouroboros Series

The Sign of Ouroboros
Book 1

Fortress of Ghosts
Book 2

Day of the Serpent
Book 3

Dark Isle Series

Dark Isle
Book 1

White Tower
Book 2

Red Chapel
Book 3

Sentinels Series

Book 1

The Haunter
Book 2

The Smog
Book 3

Short Stories

Terror in the Shadows

Horror Stories

Multi-Author Box Sets

Monster Collection

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