Ian Fortey

Ian Fortey comes from Canada and has never seen a werewolf, a vampire, or a Frankenstein in either doctor or monster form that he knows of. He started writing comedy online in 2007 but has been a fan of horror for about as long as he can remember.

Although he enjoys some of the literary classics and titans of the genre like Clive Barker, Dan Simmons, and Neil Gaiman, he's also unusually enamored of B-movie horror and cult classics of the horror film genre.

When not immersed in ghoulish and off-putting worlds of terror he's either cooking, walking the dogs, or being foolish on social media.

Check below for a complete list of Ian Fortey's works.


Vincent Donnelly featuring Dezzy, Thomas Coulson and Jillian Weston and Broomfield Asylum in Shadow King Series

Stripped of his memories and surrounded by the corpses of strangers, Vincent Donnelly is consumed by terror. 

He grapples with an ominous presence whispering inside his mind, pushing him to uncover the truth behind his mysterious circumstances and the unsettling secrets that lie buried within his lost identity.

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Jigsaw of Souls Series Books 1 - 6 Box Set

Fiona Garris, a skeptic thrust into the world of the supernatural, battles against a malevolent dollmaker and his collection of haunting dolls. 

Especially the maniacal clown doll that seeks to unleash terror, forcing Fiona to uncover the secret to stopping the murderous abomination. 

She must do so before she becomes its next victim in the eerie depths of her inherited estate.

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In a world of chilling whispers and haunted horrors, Shane Ryan, a fearless warrior of the paranormal, ventures into the wicked domain of the Iron Tournament.

In this sinister realm, his very survival hinges on his mortal prowess against unearthly warriors, all while uncovering the horrifying truth that lurks behind these sadistic battles. A truth that threatens to unleash utter chaos upon mankind.

Now, Shane must confront his most formidable adversary yet, or be consumed by a fate he has never before encountered—total defeat.

**If you want more context on the Broomfield Asylum, you can also read the Jigsaw of Souls Series.

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Retired Marine and ghost hunter Shane Ryan races against time to clear his name and save Detective Jacinta Perez from a sinister kidnapper while battling malevolent forces. 

But as lost souls cry out for justice, Shane must confront a chilling truth—the real terror has just begun.

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Short Story Anthologies

Scare Street welcomes you to Hannigan’s, a delightfully cozy Irish pub on the road just ahead. 

Everyone at Hannigan’s has a story to tell. 

Tales of ghosts, ghouls, and other shadowy horrors. 

Whispered nightmares, guaranteed to make your skin crawl and keep you up at night.

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