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A. I. Nasser (Supernatural Suspense)

A.I. Nasser Scare Street

At the age of four, Ahmed I. Nasser’s parents decided that the best way to keep a hyperactive child occupied was to teach him how to read and constantly bombard him with books. Since then, the world of imagination has constantly consumed him. He quickly decided that the only way to feel fulfilled was to spend his time writing one story after the other, even opting out of a career as a pediatrician, despite ten years of struggling through med-school.

Influenced by Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, he has been writing since the age of 12 while travelling the world with his family. Now, finally settled in Egypt, he divides his time between teaching Middle School English Literature and finding the best ways to scare his family and friends.

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Sin Series

Kurtain Motel
Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

The Slaughter Series

Slaughter Series
Bonus Edition

Children to the Slaughter
Book 1

​Shadow's Embrace
Book 2

Copper's Keeper
Book 3


Witching Hour

Blood Carousel

Listen to Me Now

Short Stories

Terror in the Shadows
Volume 1

Terror in the Shadows
Volume 2

Terror in the Shadows
Volume 3

Terror in the Shadows
Volume 4

Terror in the Shadows
Volume 5

Short Horror Stories
Volume 11

Terror in the Shadows
Volume 6

Terror in the Shadows
Volume 7

Short Horror Stories
Volume 8

Horror Stories

Polly's Haven

This is Gonna Hurt

Multi-Author Box Sets

Monster Collection

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