Ron Ripley

Ron Ripley is an Amazon bestselling author. He is a husband and father surviving in New England, a place that seems to be getting colder every day. Ron grew up across from a disturbingly large cemetery where he managed to scare himself every night before going to bed. Mostly because of the red lights that people put in front of the headstones. Those things are just plain creepy to a kid.

Ron enjoys writing horror, and military history, driving through the small towns of New England with his family, collecting books, and giving impromptu lectures on military history to his family, who enjoy ignoring him during those dreadful times.

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Brian Roy and Jenny Roy featuring Shane Ryan

Brian Roy's peaceful paradise transforms into a terrifying battleground, as he is thrust into a spine-chilling encounter with evil. 

Reluctantly embarking on a perilous mission, he delves into the realm of ghosts, endangering not just his own soul, but also the lives of his loved ones. 

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Moving In Series Books 1 - 6 Box Set

In the grip of a malevolent force, Shane Ryan races against time to save his missing parents from the sinister truth lurking in his home. 

As he confronts the chilling secrets of his past, darkness encroaches, threatening to devour all he holds dear. 

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Berkley Street Series Books 1 - 9 Box Set

Victor Daniels and Tom Crane featuring Shane Ryan

In a pulse-pounding series, historian Victor Daniels battles malevolent forces and confronts the horrors unleashed by a sadistic occultist. 

Cursed relics with a blood-soaked past bring death and terror to their unsuspecting owners, leaving Victor as the last line of defense against the encroaching darkness.

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Haunted Collection Series Books 1 - 9 Box Set

Marcus Holt featuring Shane Ryan

In a twisted experiment of fear and horror orchestrated by the brilliant yet immoral Professor Abel Worthe, haunted houses, and paranormal sites become arenas of terror for kidnapped civilians. 

Marcus Holt, a haunted veteran seeking solace, finds himself thrust into a relentless battle for survival where nightmares of war become inescapable and the true depths of fear are unveiled.

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Haunted Village Series Books 1 - 9 Box Set

Dan Tate featuring Shane Ryan

Haunted by tragedy and tormented by nightmares, Dan Tate becomes an unlikely ally to anguished spirits in Coffin Cemetery, as he battles the malevolent medium Janet Ladd, protecting the innocent citizens of Anger from her sinister machinations. 

But in his quest for justice, Dan must confront his own fears and risk his very soul to save those he holds dear.

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Tormented Soul Series Books 1 - 6 Box Set

read the Haunted Village Series before this

Enveloped by a haunting past, cursed with otherworldly communication, Shane Ryan is propelled into a perilous quest for retribution, teetering on the edge of darkness. A sinister force, unleashed by a harrowing heist of haunted artifacts, taints his every step.

As Shane embarks on his treacherous journey, he confronts not only merciless criminals and malevolent spirits, but an unrelenting pursuit that threatens to seal his own doom.

Beneath the surface, he uncovers a tangled web of malice, masterminded by the very person who stole the love of his life.

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Death Hunter Series Books 1 - 6 Box Set

Haunted by his own brush with death, Gray Brooks awakens with the ability to perceive the malevolent entities lurking in the shadows. 

He fights to protect the innocent from supernatural threats. 

However, he must first uncover the secrets of these creatures before they drag him back to the realm of darkness forever.

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In a world of chilling whispers and haunted horrors, Shane Ryan, a fearless warrior of the paranormal, ventures into the wicked domain of the Iron Tournament.

In this sinister realm, his very survival hinges on his mortal prowess against unearthly warriors, all while uncovering the horrifying truth that lurks behind these sadistic battles. A truth that threatens to unleash utter chaos upon mankind.

Now, Shane must confront his most formidable adversary yet, or be consumed by a fate he has never before encountered—total defeat.

**If you want more context on the Broomfield Asylum, you can also read the Jigsaw of Souls Series.

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Retired Marine and ghost hunter Shane Ryan races against time to clear his name and save Detective Jacinta Perez from a sinister kidnapper while battling malevolent forces. 

But as lost souls cry out for justice, Shane must confront a chilling truth—the real terror has just begun.

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Standalone Titles

In the ancient, malevolent Boylan House, where the echoes of vanished boys linger and terror reigns, Mason Philips takes a stand against the evil that has plagued his town for centuries. 

He is determined to put an end to the haunting horrors that lurk within its walls, even if it means facing his own darkest fears.

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Signed centuries ago, the Blood Contract safeguarded the Blood lands in exchange for the Blood family's unwavering protection of Thorne. 

But as Thorne experiences a real estate surge, the town chooses to disregard the contract, infuriating the Bloods. 

As winter approaches, the consequences of their ignorance will prove to be far more costly than anticipated for the Aldermen and residents of Thorne.

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When Charles Gottesman acquires a haunted Victorian mansion with a library full of paranormal artifacts, he embarks on a wild and treacherous journey to protect the haunted items.

However, he is unaware of the deadly consequences that await him if he fails to fulfill the eccentric Mr. Sherman's will.

This plunges Charles into a blood-soaked battle to preserve the library's dark secrets and his own life.

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On a chilling night, secrets abound in a haunted cemetery. After years in a psychiatric ward, Connor Mann returns to his hometown, haunted by painful tragedy. 

As he tries to rebuild, malevolent spirits lurk in the basement, while a series of unexplained murders grip the town. 

Detectives investigate, unaware of elderly Hu's quest to find a sinister priest with answers. 

With deadly ghosts descending upon Pine Grove, Connor must confront his past and summon courage to defeat them, forever altering his world.

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Short Story Anthologies

1) Ghost Stories by Ron Ripley

Enter Crowe's Bed and Breakfast, but be prepared to stay forever. 

The Treasure Hunter unearths more than just the dead. Seek refuge in a Shelter, but beware of crossing boundaries. 

Join The Ghost Hunters, but don't venture into the depths. 

Ghost Stories will do more than keep you awake—it will ensnare you in darkness, where your screams go unheard.

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2) Horror Stories by Scare Street

A young woman’s night-time escapade goes eerily wrong. 

A man is forced to relive the horrible accident that tore his family apart over and over again. 

An underground thrill through ancient catacombs proves disastrously horrific. 

A young boy is haunted by the scarecrow in the fields behind his home. 

And a woman is revisited by the ghost of a psychotic killer in the most dreadful of ways.

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3) Scary Stories by Ron Ripley

Five macabre masterpieces, lovingly crafted from the darkest depths of your nightmares. This collection includes:

Walking - A camping trip in the wilderness leads to bloodshed when an inexperienced outdoorsman trespasses on forbidden ground…

The Bridge - A cancer patient’s recovery takes an unexpected turn when she discovers that cheating death comes with a hidden cost…

Squatting - A homeless man seeking shelter from the cold discovers that some abandoned houses hold deadly ties to the past…

Maker’s Hill - A curious ghost hunter unearths a town’s dark history of violence, and learns that some secrets are meant to stay buried…

The First Bad Thing - The murder of a child’s furry friend sends him on a hunt for a vicious supernatural predator that only he can stop…

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Scare Street welcomes you to Hannigan’s, a delightfully cozy Irish pub on the road just ahead. 

Everyone at Hannigan’s has a story to tell. 

Tales of ghosts, ghouls, and other shadowy horrors. 

Whispered nightmares, guaranteed to make your skin crawl and keep you up at night.

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